SATIE E. : Sports et divertissements

Sextuor : flûte, clarinette, violon, violoncelle, percussion et piano

Extraordinary collection made up of 21 small pieces (see titles below) accompanied by texts to read silently or to say.
First of all, a word to Satie himself: " I advise the reader to leaf through the pages of this book with a kindly & smiling finger, for it is a work of fantasy. No more should be read into it. For the “shriveled up" and the “stupefied” I have added a choral, sober and suitable. This choral makes a sort of bitter preamble, a kind of austere and unfrivolous introduction. I have put into it everything I know about boredom. I dedicate this choral to those who dislike me. I withdraw me".
Erik Satie

The transcriber added some suggestions and other proposals constituting a way of amplifying Satie's ideas applied to "Sports and Entertainment". We know what others developed later, sometimes recommending what they consider to be premonitory at the master of Arcueil: repetition, trust in chance, spatialization, theatrical actions, diversion of the musical function...
A choice. Proposed order, decided by the performers or random. The choral should nevertheless be maintained as an introduction.
Tango is described as "perpetual". So, to repeat... a certain number of times. Start and end at any bar.
Similarly, "ad infinitum" repeats were placed in La Balançoire, Colin-maillard, Le Yachting, Le Carnaval, Les Courses, The Four Corners, The Picnic, The Waterfall and The Sleigh.
Marked by hooks above and below the staves. Punishment: to be played 1 to 824 times. However, no one should feel offended. Useful for furnishing an empty hall, a foyer or a waiting room, a staircase, for the arrival of guests... Used for the manufacture of tapestries, sound backgrounds, tiles phonics, carpets and hangings, jingles and signals, commas and other punctuation, frames and boxes, decorations, ornaments... Do not listen.
Interpreters exempted from punishment for certain spare parts will be able to perform another task.

L'Oiseau d'Or offers a transcription for sextet, produced by Michel Mathias, which was dedicated to the Ensemble Interface de Frankfurt, a very balanced formation composed of two winds, two strings and two polyphonic instruments (piano and percussion). Automatic translation

1. Unappetizing chorale
2. The swing
3. The hunt
4. Commedia dell'arte
5. Waking up married
6. Playing blind man's bluff
7. Fishing
8. Yachting
9. Swimming
10. The carnival
11. Golf
12. The octopus
13. The races
14. The far corners
15. The picnic
16. The waterfall
17. The perpetual tango
18. The sled
19. The flirt
20. The fireworks
21. Tennis

The score has 52 pages. Italian format. For performance, this score is used by each of the six instrumentalists without the need for a conductor. Text (by Satie) in French and English.

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